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Artist’s Bio

Born in Mainz, Germany and raised in New York City.

Lives & works in St. Augustine, Florida


My family immigrated to New York City in 1951. My childhood home in Queens was a short distance from the 1964 World’s Fair. The international exhibits of culture, art and technology supplied a rich experience that proved highly influential. Originally wanting to become a comic book artist, I gradually discovered the diversity of the art world and its history. At Syracuse University an art history professor reviewed my portfolio and observed, “What you can’t draw, you photograph. What you can’t photograph, you draw.”


My studio interests focused on traditional methods of lithography and etching. I found that I enjoyed the balance of physical and mental work required in printmaking. I made it my major. After two years I continued at the State University of New York at New Paltz. I was encouraged to experiment. I used photo screen-printing to depict subjects as diverse as child abuse and anti-war images.

I always liked to build things. My sculptures included work in the woods and fields, with odd objects from plastic or things I found. I established my first studio in Highland, N.Y. in an abandoned gas station from the 50's. 

In 1974  I got an opportunity to display at the New York Avante Garde Arts Festival. I spray foamed a sculpture fabricated onsite .


1975 - I moved to Nuremberg, Germany responding to an offer to work for a German company as a graphic artist. There I learned the trade show business creating props, displays and signage. I brought my screen printing skills to several firms, designing a printing workshop and training employees in German. I was accepted as a student at the Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, studying painting and German language. In France I enjoyed several artist residencies at the Foundation Karolyi in Vence.

1978 - The Dept. of Defense hired me as a craft shop instructor at a U.S. Army base in Bavaria. I traveled by car and bicycle extensively throughout Western Europe.


1980 - I established my art studio on historic Neely Farm near Atlanta and began teaching drawing and painting classes. As a recipient of the Georgia Council for the Arts Artist-in-Education grants I was invited to schools to teach art and promote art appreciation in the community while developing my artistic ideas. My work was purchased by the Governor’s Collection for the State of Georgia. Many of my early drawings, prints and paintings are preserved in the permanent collection of The Arts Council in Gainesville, Georgia.


1986 - During an exhibit of my prints at the Atlanta College of Art I was invited to the school’s new computer graphics lab. That began my continuing interest in painting and picture making using computers.


1990 - I entered the trade show and convention industry in Atlanta as a designer/detailer. Using Computer Aided Design I creating exhibit structures, specifying parts and work orders for in-house fabrication and sign departments.


1992 - While employed by an IBM dealer in Atlanta I became the first IBM certified education/multimedia specialist in Georgia.


1993 – Founding my consulting company, I advising school systems, demonstrated multimedia and installed the first networked high school multimedia learning lab in Georgia.


1996 – Hired by my best customer, Gwinnett County Schools, as a Technology Support Specialist and network administrator. Responsible for training of teachers, staff and technicians.


2008 - Retired from education technology and moved to a new home near St. Augustine, Florida.


2010 - Established a workshop and painting studio on my property in St. Johns County.



Art Students League of New York

1968 - drawing, just a teen drawing student taking some summer classes


Syracuse University

1968-70 - Fine art and printmaking, figure drawing, design, film and art history, lithography, and realism in painting.


State University of New York at New Paltz

1970-73 BFA

Fine art and printmaking, etching, lithography, serigraphy, painting, art history and photography.


Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Nurnberg, Germany

1975-77 Visual art


Grants & Awards 

Georgia Council for the Arts

1981-86 Artist in Education grants


Governor's Collection for the State of Georgia

1986 - "Penta" purchased














Premier Gallery, Jacksonville, FL

2013 - first prize "Concepts-Abstract Art"

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